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Winery energy savings – reducing winery fuel and electricity costs

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Oenology

Project Number:
UWC BB 23-01

Project title:
Winery energy savings – reducing winery fuel and electricity costs

Project leader:
Prof BJ Bladergroen

University of the Western Cape

Start date:

Department of Science and Innovation (DSI)

Project description:
Wineries are unique in their electrical demand breakdown, seasonality, and relatively high use of diesel generators. This requires a unique PV + energy storage solution to get the optimal return on investment, not just a standard PV + Battery storage solution used by many installers.  The research team believes that a significant portion of storage should be in the form of thermal storage (cold storage) rather than the more popular Li-ion battery. Locally developed HOMER software can be used to guide the optimisation process.

The project team will install dedicated measurement devices to collect energy consumption data. The devices for power consumption data acquisition can be expensive, and the intent is that the project team will fabricate and implement a cost-effective infrastructure. The studies will consider electrical consumption data, municipal tariff structures, location, and space available for PV and energy storage requirements. The off-the-shelf devices needed to create a twelve-month power consumption profile can be expensive. The research team’s project partner will build, test and commercialise a cost-effective data acquisition device available to wineries considering an investment in alternative power production.

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