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Wine Purchase Decisions and Consumption Behaviour: A South African Point of View Based on an Interactive Web Based Survey

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number
US AEcon 01

Project title
Wine purchase decisions and consumption behaviour: A South African point of view based on an interactive web based survey

University of Stellenbosch. Department of Agricultural Economics

Team members
Vink, N
Coetzee, L

Project description
A paucity of academic wine marketing research exists in South Africa, specifically in relation to the factors affecting consumer purchase decision making / preferences. The lack of academic research results in industry stakeholders relying largely on subjective information, rather than objective, quantifiable, statistically sound data for strategic decision making.

Conduct a replication study based on the 13 factors affecting wine purchase decision making via an online, interactive survey. The 13 factors and best / worst scaling methodology has been applied and proven cross culturally in various markets and various scenarios (on-consumption and off-consumption) to much success.

Data gathered from this methodology will identify and rank the importance of above said 13 factors within the South African population; allow segmentation of the sample (inter alia the market) in terms of, but not limited to, gender, age groups, geographic location and income; offer consumption behaviour and demographic insights.

The insights from the data gathered can be used by industry stakeholders (especially the small to medium enterprises for whom this type of research is financially or otherwise unattainable, but much insight can also be drawn by larger stakeholders as well) in marketing strategies.


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