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Web based application for online phenolics

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Oenology

Project number:
WW JT 18-01

Project leader:
DR JL Aleixandre-Tudo
Prof Wessel du Toit

Start date:

Project description:
Measuring phenolic compounds in grapes and wines requires laboratory facilities, training personnel and often long, complex and costly procedures. The quantification of phenolics using a few selected spectral features through calibrations placed into a web platform provides a technological solution to this problem.

Spectroscopy calibrations were incorporated into a web platform called PhenoLAB. In combination with phenolic analysis, additional visualization tools assist users to understand and interpret the results obtained. An existing database that is updated when new samples are quantified was also incorporated into the PhenoLAB platform.

Key Results:
PhenoLAB is a commercially available product for industry practitioners (see www.phenolab.co.za). Two user options for users to join are available. Independent users do the analysis and makes use of the platform to generate the phenolic levels. The second option was included taking into account the lack of laboratory facilities of most of the medium and small size wineries. In this case, the spectra is measured at PhenoLAB affiliated commercial facilities while the user makes use of the platform to generate the phenolic levels. A user manual was also made available and a marketing strategy has been also put in place.

Key Conclusion of Discussion:
PhenoLAB (www.phenolab.co.za) is available for phenolic analysis for the industry. Visualization and interpretation tools are also made available. Phenolic information can be used for decision making during grape ripening, harvest, fermentation, aging or blending of wines. PhenoLAB is also useful for benchmarking or grading of grapes and wines.

Recommendation to Industry / Key take-home message:
PhenoLAB allows for the efficient and easy quantification, interpretation and understanding of phenolic levels during the winemaking process for the industry.

Final Report

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