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Verification of the Integrated Vine Mealybug Control Programme

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Project Number

Project title
Verification of the integrated vine mealybug control programme

Project leader
Walton, V M

University of Stellenbosch. Department of Entomology

Team members
Daane, K M
Pringle, K L
Samways, M J

Project description
New vine mealybug control strategies have been implemented for three seasons with the aim to verify and improve on the models developed from previous work on this pest. These strategies included the use of degree day data combined with vine mealybug trap counts. These tools were used with the aim to improve timing of control measures. Commercially available biological control agents and new systemic treatments were included in the treatments in order to increase alternative control tools.

The highest vine mealybug pest populations and crop losses were found in the untreated, late release and systemic treatments and during the three seasons the conventional and timed release treatments resulted in the highest levels of vine mealybug control. This indicates that biological control using mass releases of natural enemies could be used as an alternative to conventional organophoshates. High levels of parasitism were found in the timed release and untreated treatments in all years. This is expected due to the negative effects of pesticide sprays on natural enemies in the other treatments.

Late releases of parasitoids during the latter part of the summer period resulted in inadeauate control levels and cannot be seen as a viable control method. Parasitoids from the timed and late release treatments were delivered on time with no logistic problems during the current season. Pheromone traps, physical vineyard inspections and degree days can be successfully used to determine infestations with vine mealybug and timing of control actions. None of these monitoring methods and warning tools can however be used alone as each has its advantages.

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