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Unlocking Market Value in South Africa’s Old Vine Resources: Perspectives on the Challenge in Exchange, Competition and Production

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number
UCT JS 17-01

Project title
Unlocking market value in South Africa’s old vine resources: perspectives on the challenge in exchange, competition and production.

Project leader
Steyn, J

University of Cape Town. Graduate School of Business

Team members
Botha, H

Project description
THE aim is to open the South African old vine category (VV) line of research to understand whether, why and how inherent market value could be unlocked in South Africa’s old vine resources in:

The consumer-exchange market (current objective underway):

The objective is to investigate whether the VV category presents a resonant value proposition to wine consumers in South Africa and leverages their intention to buy wines in this category at a premium. If no value can be unlocked at this point it is questionable whether value can be unlocked upstream. It is therefore a portal for value creation in the production and competitive spheres of the VV market.

The competitive market between brands:

VV’s represent a novel, non-standardised market category and the aim is to investigate whether, how and why category membership provides competitive advantage to wine brand owners (introduction of new brands, attributes or brand/ line extensions).

The primary production market.The objective will be to understand and explain:

the exchange conventions and variation of pricing for grapes from old vines to determine value creation.
Key drivers, practices and cycles influencing old vine retention or removal.

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