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The Microvine: Evaluation as Laboratory Vine for Local Research

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Project Number
IWBT 2012-02

Project title
The microvine: Evaluation as laboratory vine for local research

Project leader
Vivier, M A

University of Stellenbosch. Faculty of AgriSciences. Institute for Wine Biotechnology

Team members
Vivier, M A
Young, P R
Stander, C
Eyeghe-Bickong, H
Gouws, L
Premsagar, V
Korkie, M

Project description
The grapevine is a woody perennial with long generation times and significant youth phases. To obtain (re)productive grapevines in a vineyard setting typically requires 3 years. Greenhouse grown vines are not very fruitful and need significant manipulation before producing bunches.

Experimentation with grapevines under greenhouse conditions was advanced by the development of the Microvine (Chaib et al, 2010). This vine is a dwarf mutant that produces bunches ubiquitously along the shoots instead of tendrils. Two variants, a white and black skinned clone has been developed and selected for ease of growth, growth speed as well as transformation ability.

The objectives of the research are to obtain the microvines, establish them and their associated technologies and test them as suitable experimental systems. The grapevine has an extended youth phase and strict environmental requirements for productive flowering and bunch development. The ability to have a population of grapevines in a greenhouse that produce bunches easily and routinely would provide an excellent and much needed experimental system for grapevine. Many projects are hampered by the fact that basic aspects cannot be evaluated and tested under controlled conditions, since field-grown plants are needed. The ability to experimentally test the fundamentals of what you are studying in a scientifically well-defined system before you define the parameters to test under field conditions is extremely valuable and will significantly shorten experimental time and should improve success rate.

Noqobo, Z. 2015. Modulating and studying the effect of light treatments on grape berry cultures of Vitis vinifera cultivar Dauphine: A cellular view. MSc. University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch.


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