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The Investigation of the Reliability and Sensitivity of RT Nested-PCR, Based on Degenerative Primers for Simultaneous Detection of Viruses of Closterovirus, Ampelovirus, Foveavirus and Vitivirus Genera

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Project Number

Project title
The investigation of the reliability and sensitivity of RT nested-PCR, based on degenerative primers for simultaneous detection of viruses of Closterovirus, Ampelovirus, Foveavirus and Vitivirus genera.

Project leader
Goszczynski, D E

ARC Plant Protection Research Institute. Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Team members
Goszczynski, D E
Van der Merwe, M
Kasdorf, G G F

Project description
According to recent data, grapevines are host to 60 viruses, and it is believed that this number will rise with the development of more advanced virus detection techniques. The major concerns of grapevine industries worldwide are viruses of the Closteroviridae and Flexiviridae families, which include viruses associated with leafroll and rugose wood disease. Virus infected grapevines can be cured by the application of virus elimination procedures, using heat treatment and in vitro tip cultures. However, the method is not 100% effective, and not all viruses are equally easy to eliminate. The propagation of virus-infected grapevines is then a possibility. An example is the well publicised propagation of GLRaV-2 in the United States with grapevines imported from France. To ensure strict control of the virus free status of propagative material, a sensitive virus detection technique which detects a broad range of viruses in a single test is required. Recently, RT nested-PCR technique was developed for the simultaneous detection of viruses associated with leafroll and rugose wood disease. The reliability and sensitivity of this technique will be investigated in this study.

Goszczynski, D E. 2013. Brief report of a new highly divergent variant of grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) Journal of Phytopathology, Mnth Jun v. 161 (11-12) (p. 874-879)

Goszczynski, D E. 2014. Complete genome sequence of a natural mutant of grapevine virus A, Archives of Virology, Mnth Sep v. 159 (9) (p. 2523-2528)


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