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Sensor Based Vineyards: Understanding Multivariate Variability within Vineyards and their Putative Causes. Working Towards better Sampling Designs and Instrumentation for Crop Assessment

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Project Number
IWBT-BI 14-01

Project title
Sensor based vineyards: Understanding multivariate variability within vineyards and their putative causes. Working towards better sampling designs and instrumentation for crop assessment

Project leader
Jacobson, D

University of Stellenbosch. Faculty of AgriSciences. Institute for Wine Biotechnology

Team members
Jacobson, D
Vivier, M
Ferreira, A
Esbensen, K
Setati, E
Bauer, F F

Project description
There is a significant variability in the metabolic, gene expression and microbiomic profiles in a vineyard, but that this variability can correspond to strong spatial patterns and abiotic factors such as temperature and light. This is of considerable interest as one wants to ensure that the results in any research project done in a vineyard correspond to the treatment being studied rather than simply reflecting variation present in the vineyard that happens to occur in the study plot. This has profound implications on experimental and sampling designs to be used in vineyard studies and indeed for sampling done in the course of commercial grape and wine production. In order to develop proper sampling strategies, one must first have a realistic understanding of the degree of variation present in vineyards across a wide range of distance scales. It would be very useful to try and understand as many as possible potential causes for this variation. Furthermore, the calibrations obtained between the spectra of berries with the concentrations of metabolites present in the grapes as detected by chromatography and NMR can be used to develop instrumentation to monitor the development of grapes in vineyards in order to determine optimal harvest times for specific regions within a vineyard.

Jacobson, D, Young, P R, Alexandersson, E O and Vivier, M A. 2014. Gene sets, strolling through a (random) forest. Paper presented at the 14th Conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry. 9-13 June, Richmond, Virginia, United States.

Weighill, D and Jacobson, D. 2014. 3-way networks: New tools for comparative genomics. Paper presented at the 14th Conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry. 9-13 June, Richmond, Virginia, United States.

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Musingarabwi, D M. 2015. Characterisation of grapevine berry samples with infrared spectroscopy methods and multivariate data analysis tools. (MSc) (p. 1-82) University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch.

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