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Population dynamics and life cycle of Phomopsis cane and leaf spot of grapevines in South Africa

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Project Number
GUN 2040901

Project title
Population dynamics and life cycle of Phomopsis cane and leaf spot of grapevines in South Africa

Project leader
Crous, P W

University of Stellenbosch, Department of Plant Pathology

Project description
Phomopsis can and leaf spot disease of grapevines is an economically important disease in many vine growing areas of the world. Four different Phomopsis spp. have been associated with this disease. The aim of this project is to investigate the taxonomic significance of the different taxa found on grapevines in South Africa, as well as the endophytic growth and fungicide sensitivity of Phomopsis viticola isolates.

Mostert, L, Crous, P W, Kang, J C, Phillips, A J L. 2000. Species of Phomopsis and a Libertella sp. occurring on grapevines with specific reference to South Africa: morphological, cultural, molecular and pathological characterisation, Mycologia, Mnth Jan-Feb v. 93 (1) (p. 146-167)

Mostert, L, Denman, S, Crous, P W. 2000. In vitro screening of fungicides against Phomopsis viticola and Diaporthe perjunota, South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture, v. 21 (2) (p. 62-65)

Mostert, L, Crous, P W, Petrini, O. 2000. Endophytic fungi associated with shoots and leaves of Vitis vinifera, with specific reference to the Phomopsis viticola complex, Sydowia, v. 52 (p. 46-58)

Van Niekerk, J M, Groenewald, J Z, Farr, D F, Fourie, P H, Halleen, F, Crous, P W. 2005. Reassessment of Phomopsis species of grapevines, Australasian Plant Pathology, v. 34 (p. 27-39)

Mostert, L. 2000. The characterization and control of Phomopsis cane and leaf spot on vine. MSc Agric. University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch.

Published articles and thesis serve as the Final Report.

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