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Measurement and Evaluation of the Effects of Soil Factors on Ring Nematode (Criconemaoides Xenoplax)

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Project Number

Project Title
Measurement and evaluation of the effects of soil factors on ring nematode (Criconemaoides xenoplax)

Project Leader
Hugo, H J

Team Members
Hugo, H J
Storey, S
Smith, D S

Project Description
Ring nematode (RN) (Criconemoides xenoplax) is very common in South African stone fruit orchards and vineyards, where it is regarded as a major pest and detrimental to soil health. Ring nematode is also a predisposing factor in the stone fruit tree death complex. Despite repeated nematicide treatments, satisfactory control of ring nematode is often not obtained.

Worldwide very little research has been done on ring nematodes and our knowledge of the biology of this nematode is limited. However, such knowledge is a prerequisite for developing a management strategy for this nematode.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Determine if there are specific soil factors (such as soil type, pH, soil nutrients) that favour ring nematodes
  • Determine the vertical distribution of ring nematodes in stone fruit orchards and vineyards, and in different soil types.

Hugo, H J and Storey, S. 2011. Confirmation of the presence of PTSL in South Africa. Paper presented at the 20th Symposium Nematological Society of Southern Africa. 16-18 May, Stellenbosch, South Africa.


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