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Mass Release of Anagyrus sp. near Pseudococci in Vineyards

by | Oct 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number

Project Title
Mass release of Anagyrus sp. near pseudococci in vineyards

Project Leader
Achiano, K A

Project Description
The mealybug Planococcus ficus in the vine growing regions has the potential to become resistant to conventional sprays. Mealybug infestation is one of the most serious problems for vine growers and is considered as the major vector of grapevine leafroll virus and corky-bark diseases. Apart from this, it causes direct damage by its feeding and honeydew secretions. The present study is to garner information on how mass releases of Anagyrus sp. could be used as a biological control agent on VMB under South African conditions

Achiano, K. 2010. Controlling mealybugs on grapevines. Lecture. Kayamandi High School 20 April, Stellenbosch.


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