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Manipulation of glycerol production in wine yeast

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Project Number
MIC 04

Project title
Manipulation of glycerol production in wine yeast

Project leader
Prior, B A

University of Stellenbosch

Project description
A strategy aimed at increasing the final glycerol levels in wine produced in industrial-scale fermentations at a private cellar is evaluated. The step wise addition of fresh must during the fermentation of Chardonnay juice did not result in a significant increase in the glycerol levels of the wines produced with this procedure. No clear relationship was evident between the final glycerol concentrations of the wines and their respective mouth-feel ratings or general quality ratings.

Nieuwoudt, H H, Jordan, K, Prior, B A. 2002. Glycerol production in Chardonnay wine, WineLand, Mnth Nov (p. 103-105)

Nieuwoudt, H H, Prior, B A, Pretorius, I S, Manley, M, Bauer, F F. 2004. Principal component analysis applied to Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for the design of glycerol calibration models in wine and for detection and classification of outlier samples, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, v. 52 (p. 3726-3735)

Nieuwoudt, H H, Pretorius, I S, Bauer, F F, Nel, D G, Prior, B A. 2006. Application for Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy as a tool for the rapid screening of the fermentation profiles of wine yeasts, Journal of Microbiological Methods, v. 67 (p. 248-256)

The article published in the Wineland (November 2002) serves as the Final report.

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