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Managing thiols in South African white wines

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number
WW WDT 16-01

Project title
Managing thiols in South African white wines

Project leader
Du Toit, W J

Stellenbosch University. Department of Viticulture and Oenology

Team members
Du Toit, W J
Coetzee, C

Project description
Volatile thiols are important contributors to the aroma of many white wines, including Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc. The two most important volatile thiols are 3-mercaptohexanol (3MH) and 3-mercaptohexylacetate (3MHA), which contribute to the guava and passion fruit aromas of white wines. Although a number of publications are available on factors affecting levels of these compounds in white wines, a number of unknowns affect their level and stability in wine.

The objectives of this research are: the increase 3MH and 3MHA concentrations in South African Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc wine the assessment of the ability of antioxidants to preserve the concentrations of these compounds during wine maturation.

Buica, A, Vannevel, S, Fedrizzi, B, Herbst-Johnstone, M, Kilmartin, P, and Du Toit, W J. 2016. Impact of glutathione and elemental sulphur juice addition on the volatile thiol production in South African Sauvignon blanc wine. Poster presented at Macrowine. 26-30 June, Changins (Nyon), Switzerland.

Vannevel, S, Du Toit, W J and Brand, J. The use of sulphur compounds to increase varietal thiols in South African Sauvignon blanc wines. Poster presented at the 38th South African Society of Enology and Viticultur Conference, 23-25 August, Somerset West, South Africa.

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