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Macroscale Analysis of the Natural Resources of South Africa for the Identification of Possible New Wine Grape Production Areas

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number
Knight 01

Project title
Macroscale analysis of the natural resources of South Africa for the identification of possible new wine grape production areas

Project leader
Knight, F


Project description
Wine grape production in South Africa is found almost exclusively within the Western Cape and along the Orange and lower Vaal rivers, partly due to the availability of suitable terroirs and partly as a relict of past control systems. In a new South Africa it is essential for individuals (or groups) from the previously excluded communities to become active participants in the wine industry. Demography dictates that this participation may come from outside the traditional wine areas.

Wine grapes will grow almost anywhere, but will only produce quality fruit under ideal environmental conditions. As quality is fast becoming the dominant success factor in the industry, it is essential that new areas will be thoroughly evaluated before investment takes place.

The results of study will identify and quantify the existence of new areas suitable for quality wine production in South Africa. It will also guide new participants towards better suited areas and discourage development in unsuitable areas.


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