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In Situ Testing of Sustainable Integrated Systems for the Treatment of Winery Wastewater at Small Wineries in the Western Cape

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Project Number

Project title
In situ testing of sustainable integrated systems for the treatment of winery wastewater at small wineries in the Western Cape

Project leader
Welz, P J

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Institute of Biomedical and Microbial Biotechnology

Team members
Haldenwang, R

Project description
Most wineries in the Western Cape dispose of untreated cellar effluent by means of irrigation to pasture. This poses an environmental threat because the effluent can negatively affect soil structure, and can enter the already degraded aquatic environment via groundwater and surface run-off. The wastewater should, therefore, be treated before disposal. However, most small wineries cannot install, operate and monitor sophisticated wastewater treatment systems because they do not have the requisite skilled labour or finances. There is a need to find simple, cost effective wastewater treatment systems for use in small wineries in South Africa. Research conducted over the pas 7 years has identified that biological sand filters (BSF) are promising candidates.

A pilot-system has been in operation at a small winery in Stellenbosch for over one year and has achieved excellent results in terms of COD removal, pH neutralisation, and SAR reduction via calcite dissolution. Further research is needed to (i) establish the long-term effectiveness of the system, (ii) ascertain whether the use of a rudimentary upstream anaerobic digester would increase the efficiency of the system, and (iii) determine at what stage (if ever) the sand would need to be changed.

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