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Grape Juice Composition and Winemaking Practices: Predicting Flavour and Aroma Production by Individual Yeast Strains and the Final Chemical Composition and Sensorial Quality of Wine

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Project Number
IWBT-Y 11-03

Project title
Grape juice composition and winemaking practices: Predicting flavour and aroma production by individual yeast strains and the final chemical composition and sensorial quality of wine

Project leader
Bauer, F F

University of Stellenbosch. Faculty of AgriSciences. Institute for Wine Biotechnology

Team members
Smit, A
Chidi, S
Ndlovu, T
Rossouw, D
Morgenroth, O

Project description
New technologies will in the near future provide wine makers with detailed chemical information regarding grape juice composition, at a reasonable price. At the same time, the number and specificity of enological tools (yeast and bacterial strains, mixtures of yeast strains, novel or better enzymes, nutrients, additives etc.) will continue to increase.

The challenge for the global and the South African wine industry will be to exploit such data and tools to produce better quality wine. Our ability to meet this challenge will largely depend on our capacity to interpret and use such data and tools to inform decision making regarding enological strategies. Such strategies will aim at fully exploiting the aroma and flavour potential of any given grape juice while avoiding the development of off-flavours or of excessive ethanol production, and will therefore result in the best possible product from any given raw material.

This project proposes an integrated approach to provide baseline data that will allow matching the chemical composition of individual grape musts with the intrinsic fermentation and aroma production capability of specific yeast strains. The final aim is to develop a fully integrated model to predict fermentation outcomes in terms of wine composition, aroma and flavour as well as the risks of off-flavour production for any given grape juice.

Fairbairn, S C, Smit, A Y, Jacobson, D and Bauer, F F. 2012 Combinatorial impact of multiple fermentation stresses and of must nutrient composition on fermentation kinetics and aroma production of wine yeast strains. Paper presented at the 4th International Symposium on Macromolecules and Secondary Metabolites of Grapevine and Wines: MacroWine 2012. 18-21 June, Bordeaux, France.

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Fairbairn, S, Stilwaney, C, Smit, A, Ortiz, J A, Bauer, F F, Divol, B. 2015. Nuwe enologiese gis bring kultivararoma uit, WineLand, Mnth Jan (p. 80-85)

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Fairbairn, S. 2012. Stress, fermentation performance and aroma production of yeast. MSc. University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa.


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