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Establishing a database on colour, tannins and anthocyanin levels in South African red wines

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Oenology

Project Number
WW WDT 13-01

Project title
Establishing a database on colour, tannins and anthocyanin levels in South African red wines

Project leader
Du Toit, W J

Stellenbosch University. Department of Viticulture and Oenology

Team members
Du Toit, W J
Buica, A
Nieuwoudt, H H
De Villiers, A
Brand, J
Stander, M

Project description
The important role that phenolics such as tannins and anthocyanins play in red wine is well known. Anthocyanins contribute to the colour of red wine, while tannins play a very important role in the mouth feel and astringency of red wine. South African winemakers are starting to measure some of these compounds more often in their wines, but what these values actually mean in terms of practical winemaking is not clear. The main objectives of this study would thus be to use methods which could be performed in commercial laboratory or even a cellar to build a database on these compounds in South African red wines, as well as making such a database available to the South African wine industry.

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Aleixandre-Tudo, J L, Nieuwoudt, H H, Aleixandre, J L, Du Toit, W J. 2015. Robust ultraviolet visible (UV-Vis) partial least squares (PLS) models for tannin quantification in red wine, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, v. 63 (4) (p. 1088-1098)

Aleixandre-Tudó, J L, Nieuwoudt, H, du Toit, W. 2015. Wine tannin database for SA red wine producers, Wineland, Mnth December

Aleixandre-Tudó, Buica, A, Nieuwoudt, H, Aleixandre, J L, du Toit, W. 2017. Spectrophotometric analyses of phenolic compounds in grapes and wines: a review, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Mnth May v. 65 (20) (p. 4009-4026)

Aleixandre-Tudó, J L, Mihnea, M, du Toit, W. 2017. Understanding and measuring tannins in red wines, Wineland, Mnth May

Final Report

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