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Effect of Vineyard Cover Crops on Nematodes

by | Oct 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

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Project Title
Effect of vineyard cover crops on nematodes

Project Leader
Hugo, H J

Project Description
Plant-parasitic nematodes are obligate parasites and depend on plant roots to survive. However, a specific plant species is a host to only certain nematodes, and resistant or immune against other nematodes. Each plant species therefore differs in its status as a host to a specific nematode species.

Cover crops are sown during periods when soil used for propagating vine nursery material is lying fallow. Using a non-host cover crop will decrease nematode numbers, thereby decreasing the pressure to use drastic measures such as soil fumigation. Oats and triticales are the cover crops mostly used by vine nurserymen. However, very little is known about the nematode host status of these plants. The objective of this project is to determine the status of oats and triticales as hosts to nematodes.

Hugo, H J. 2009. Oats and triticales as a host for Meloidogyne javanica: their interaction as cover crops in vine nurseries. 19th NSSA congress, 17-20 May, Hazyview, South Africa


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