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Education and Training Profile of the Robertson Wine Valley

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number

Project title
Education and Training Profile of the Robertson Wine Valley

Project leader
Ewert, J W

Team members
Ewert, J W
Brown, M
Muller, G J M

Project description
Ultimate aim: to map the regional skills profile of the Robertson Wine Valley (RWV), with special attention to the skill shortages.

Recent small scale studies show that there is a need for systematic, coordinated and scientific training, as well as a need on the part of farm workers for more and advanced training.

In the Robertson region the first steps have been taken towards the establishment of a regional training system. A regional skills profile that highlights shortages and needs can serve as a baseline for such a system or model.

At the same time the Wine Industry Charter wants to formulate a skills plan for the whole industry. The regional skills profile for the Robertson Wine Valley can serve as a first step towards such a comprehensive skills plan. It could not only be a building block towards an industry skills baseline, but also serve as a methodological template for similar studies in the other wine regions.


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