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Development of wine yeasts for use in specific regions

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number
WW 10-13

Project title
Development of wine yeasts for use in specific regions

Project leader
Jolly, N P

Team members
Engelbrecht, M
Bergstedt, J

Project description
The aim of this project is to develop cultivar-specific yeasts for designated regions. After consultations with several role players in the wine industry, it was decided to develop suitable Chardonnay yeasts for the Robertson and Stellenbosch areas. Chardonnay grape samples as well as must samples from the cellar were taken from the respective areas during the 2000 vintage. From each sample taken, 30 yeast strains were isolated and characterised. These strains were then evaluated during laboratory scale fermentations. At a meeting with the Winetech Microbiology Committee in September 2000, it was decided that evaluation of commercial strains in must from the Robertson and Stellenbosch regions should be examined as some of these strains may also perform well in Chardonnay from these regions. As a result further isolation of naturally occurring strains were put on hold. If necessary, hybrid breeding with commercial strains will be conducted to develop a yeast strain ideal for Chardonnay in the regions under investigation.


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