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Cover Crops for Ant Management and for Enhancing Natural Enemies for Integrated Mealybug Control in Vines

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Project Number

Project Title
Cover crops for ant management and for enhancing natural enemies for integrated mealybug control in vines

Project Leader
Addison, P

Team Members
Walton, V M

Project Description
Four ground cover treatments (Triticale, unplanted control, permanent cover crop mix and grazing vetch) were established in a field trial in Bonnievale whereby the presence of ants (Anoplolepis custodiens), natural enemies of mealybug, are being monitored throughout the year. Any additional insect pests that are present in the vineyard will be monitored as well. The trial will be repeated for four seasons, using the same plots, in order to establish if any long-term effects on the insect populations exist, particularly in plots established with permanent cover crops. Soil temperature and moisture is being monitored continuously, at two depths, in each treatment using probes attached to data loggers. Winter cover crops and weeds were treated with herbicide during September 2001. Control plots were also mowed using a tractor-driven rotary mower. The distribution of ant nest entrances will be assessed three times per season, and the roots of weeds and cover crops will be monitored for the presence of mealybug.

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