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Comprehensive Agricultural Support for the Melkhoutfontein Land Redistribution Programme, with the Primary Focus on Viti- and Viniculture

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Project Number

Project title
Comprehensive agricultural support for the Melkhoutfontein land redistribution programme, with the primary focus on viti- and viniculture

Project leader
Vermeulen, A

Team members
Scott, L
Botha, P
Badenhorst, D
Steenkamp, J
Carstens, J
Beukes, O

Project description
The aim of this project is to help with the establishment of a new economically sustainable agricultural and tourist related industry in the Hessequa Municipal Area of the Southern Cape, which will include a wine industry. In the process a group of previously disadvantaged individuals would be empowered to become partners in a significant economic activity. The Hessequa Municipal Area (HMA) is urgently in need of economic development and in the process of developing an economic development strategy in conjunction with the Development Bank of South Africa DBSA. A series of workshops held throughout the HMA indicated that the local economy is heavily dependent on the production of agricultural commodities. Little value is added to these commodities in the HMA and the price-cost pincher under which agricultural enterprises operate is resulting in the consolidation of commercial farms in the HMA, with a subsequent loss of job opportunities. Some of the logical elements of a strategy foreconomic development of the HMA are thrusts to produce higher-value agricultural products and to add additional value to agricultural products.

Van Schalkwyk, D. 2014. Calibration of herbicide sprayers. Presentation at the Eksteenskuil Workshop. 28 May 2014. South Africa.

Jordaan, S. 2014. Responsible use of plant protective products. Presentation at the Eksteenskuil Workshop. 28 May 2014. South Africa.

Van Schalkwyk, D, Jordaan, S. 2015. Eksteenskuil farmers receiving training, WineLand, Mnth Apr (p. 81-83)

This is an ongoing project.

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