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Comparative Work to Sell Wood Infused Liquid Consumable Patent Produced from Rotary-Cut (peeled ) Veneer as Starting Material

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

Project Number
US JS 01

Project title
Comparative work to sell wood infused liquid consumable patent produced from rotary-cut (peeled ) veneer as starting material

Project leader
Swart, J P J


Team members
Le Roux, N J
Rypstra, T
Swart, J P J
De Beauregard, D
Soloman, H
Adams, M

Project description
Create a basis for improved oak alternative usage for the South African liquid consumable industries using wood flavour. Liquid consumables is a collective term for: alcoholic beverages (wine, whisky, brandy, ciders, etc.); non-alcoholic beverages (Tabasco, etc.) and vinegars.

Determine steam effects on rotary-cut French oak veneer for wood flavours; compare extraction rates of French staves with rotary-cut veneer staves; compare French chip fractions with rotary-cut veneer chips extraction rates and compare wood flavour profiles of selected samples.

Obtain comparable oak material from two oak alternative producers. (1) Material more representative of the sawmilling / stave mill environment and (2) material from a dedicated, highly successful oak alternative producer (not a cooperage)
Compare material from a single slightly ‘twisted’ log, divided in three one meter sections: (1) rotary cut (2) traditional barrel stave produced ‘following the grain’
and (3) frame sawn into planks (select best radial and best tangential examples)
Initial negotiations, supervision of the sample preparation, co-ordination of the sample identification, collection and packaging and courier of the samples to South Africa, for specialised analysis in France.


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