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Assisting the Eksteenskuil community with farm training and technology transfer trials in order to succeed with viticulture

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Project Number
WW 18-21

Project title
Assisting the Eksteenskuil community with farm training and technology transfer trials in order to succeed with viticulture

Project leader
Van Schalkwyk, D

Team members
Verster, A
Daniels, E

Project description
History was made when the Eksteenskuil community donated 0,45 ha land to ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij, to establish an on-farm trial plot. The Institute has access to this demonstration plot for a ten-year period, for use as an experiment farm.

The vines planted during the previous year grew exceptionally well and in most instances, already developed onto the trellis system. Several vines were however influenced by the growth arrestment phenomenon (0,5 %).

During April 2000 the second Farmers’ Day was presented in the Town Hall in Keimoes and was attended by 96 people coming from as far as Groblershoop, Bloemsmond, Curries Camp and Eksteenskuil. At the Farmers’ Day the aims and objectives of the Eksteenskuil demonstration plot was one of the subjects on the programme. During the November Farmers’ Day, attended by 70 farmers the emphasis was on organic production methods as well as the use of organic fertilisers in the production of grapes.

Farmers were given the opportunity to visit the demonstration vineyard and discuss the plot with representatives of the group involved with the project.

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