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An Alternative to Yeast: Wines Produced by Basidiomycetes Fungus (mushroom) Fermentation

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Project Title
An alternative to yeast: wines produced by Basidiomycetes fungus (mushroom) fermentation

Project Leader
Jolly, N P

Project Description
Twenty medicinal mushroom cultures were imported from MycoBiotech Inc., Singapore (which made significant strides over the past 20 years in extracting the immunomodulating substances from medicinal mushrooms) and the leading Fujian Mushroom Research and Development Institute, China. Indigenous selected mushroom species with potential therapeutic effects were sampled and isolated according to standard procedures. The cultivation of the imported mushroom cultures and the locally selected Laetiporus sulphureus, and the preparation of the cell-free extracts / spore cultures were done according to the work plan.

A range of mushroom species were evaluated in laboratory and small-scale wine fermentations in a three stage strategy. The mushrooms had either no effect, inhibited or stimulated the fermentation efficiency of the yeast. However, in all cases the wines fermented to dryness. Sensory analyses on the small-scale wines identified a few that were comparable to, or better than the reference wines. Standard chemical analyses were also acceptable. Further chemical and medicinal analyses were carried out that showed that some of the mushroom extracts and wines had medicinal properties. It can therefore be concluded that medicinal mushrooms can be used in conjunction with wine yeast in the production of standard wines with acceptable aroma profiles with the added benefits of medicinal value due to the contribution of the mushrooms.

Smit, W A and Jolly, N P. 2005. The potential role of medicinal mushrooms in grapevine fermentation technology. Presentation at the Edible Fungi Institute. 23 August, Shanghai, China.


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