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Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Vineyard Monitoring and Managing

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Viticulture

Project Number

Project title
Wireless sensor network for smart vineyard monitoring and managing

Project leader
Wolhuter, R

Stellenbosch University. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Team members
Christians, D

Niesler, T R

Strever, A

Hershaw, J

Nell, NJ

Luttich, FR


Completion date



Objectives and Rationale
1. To develop a smart wireless sensor network, for viticulture. This is to enable more efficient farming and better utilisation of scarce resources.
2. To develop machine learning methods to more accurately predict vineyard soil moisture conditions.

A sensor network (WSN) for vineyard applications was investigated and successfully implemented. The network was ad hoc and self-configuring and capable to monitor key environmental and soil conditions critical for yield optimisation. A Machine Learning algorithm was developed to infer soil moisture content and temperature from weather data.

Key Results
A Machine Learning algorithm was successfully developed to infer soil moisture content and bud prediction time from weather data. An adhoc self configuring WSN was successfully implemented and proven to be capable of data acquisition for viticultural applications.

Key Conclusion of Discussion
The concepts as set out to investigate have been proven to be clearly feasible and applicable. The WSN presents an interesting commercial possibility, should funding and a suitable vehicle be available for such development.

Take Home message for Industry

WSN’s can be seriously considered for use in crop/yield optimisation. The technology has matured and the development concluded under this project, proved that successful implementation is feasible and potentially beneficial.

Final Report. pdf


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