Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Vineyard Monitoring and Managing

Project Number

Project title
Wireless sensor network for smart vineyard monitoring and managing

Project leader
Wolhuter, R

Stellenbosch University. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Team members
Christians, D
Niesler, T R
Strever, A

Project description
Proper plant and crop management is not possible without accurate field information regarding soil, plant and environmental conditions. Current techniques are relatively expensive and tend to be substantially static in deployment. Adaptation to different applications is generally time consuming and frequently impractical. Long latencies between observations or measurements and availability of such results to management, are typical. To address these constraints, the development of a flexible, rapidly deployable, biological/agricultural data acquisition platform is proposed to support advanced viticultural monitoring and management techniques. Such a system should be based on a self-addressing, adhoc wireless sensor network (WSN) of nodes, employing smart routing and communications channel access techniques to deliver fast response and real time information regarding farming conditions.

The system is intended to provide real time, distributed, frequently updated parameter values, at many freely selected locations. This information could be used to monitor a range of conditions in a vineyard. It might also be possible to indicate automatic identification of plant health and crop condition by application of machine learning techniques.

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