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Vinpro Winetech evaluation of viticultural practices

Project Number

Project title
Vinpro Winetech Evaluation of Viticultural Practices

Project leader
Viljoen, F


Project description
Practices conducted in commercial vineyards are evaluated in all of the production areas. Producers enter the competition and practices applied in the vineyards are evaluated with the aid of an existing evaluation sheet.

A panel of invited evaluators for each region conducts the evaluation. The evaluators are members of the South African Forum for Viticulturists and a detailed technical discussion on the regional results takes place at a formal meeting of the Forum. Evaluators contribute to a panel on a rotational basis to enhance cross-pollination of technology amongst evaluators in the different production areas.

Vinpro Consultation Services strives to the following goals:

  • Transfer of technology and general information from the researcher to the producer
  • Identification of viticultural problem areas for a specific region
  • Focusing research projects and technology transfer based on the problem areas identified in the region
  • Establishing informal relations between viticulturists
  • Exposure of viticulturists to conditions in the various production regions
  • Calibration of viticulturists regarding vineyard practices
  • Demonstration of new technology to producers
  • Demonstration of correct vineyard practices to producers and their labour forces
  • Recognition to producers for applying good vineyard practices.

Viljoen, F. 2005. Winetech tegnologie-oordrag projek: wingerdpraktyk evaluering, WineLand, Mnth Jan (p. 104-105)

Viljoen, F. 2005. Hierdie wingerdpraktyke kort aandag, WineLand, Mnth Dec (p. 72-74)



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