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Underground Population Dynamics of Vine Mealybug

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Project Number

Project Title
Underground population dynamics of vine mealybug

Project Leader
Walton, V M

University of Stellenbosch

Project Description
P. ficus occurred on all six plant parts investigated on vines in each of the three areas. The ground and root areas were occupied by P. ficus populations in all three areas. Small differences between the three areas were detected in the subterranean plant parts (ground and roots). The most suitable soil type (sandy) was found in McGregor, followed by loamy soils in Stellenbosch and clayey soils in Robertson. The largest portion of P. ficus occurred on the hidden plant areas such as the main stem, ground and roots. This indicates that chemical sprays should be directed toward these areas to increase efficiency. Both chemical control treatments were effective to control P. ficus to such an extent so as to prevent them from infesting the bunch areas. This resulted in no crop losses in all of the areas during this season. None of the chemical control treatments however resulted in 100% P. ficus control and new control strategies will be implemented during the next two seasons.

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