Pruning Wound Protection of Rootstock Mother Vines

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Project title
Pruning wound protection of rootstock mother vines

Project leader
Halleen, F

ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij Plant Protection Division, Viticulture Division

Team members
Mostert, L
Lesuthu, P
Vermeulen, C
Marais, J
Marais, D

Project description
Although the Vine Improvement Scheme makes provision for several requirements to secure and improve the phytosanitary status of rootstock mother vines and propagation material, pruning wound protection is not currently addressed. Protection of rootstock mother vine pruning wounds was identified as a priority in several Winetech-funded projects, based on the availability of inoculum (fruit bodies) within mother blocks, high pathogen spore counts within mother blocks, presence of trunk pathogens inside mother vines as well as the canes they produce. Rootstock mother vines become infected through pruning wounds, where after the pathogens spread to canes as spores through the xylem or by growing endophytically as mycelium into the canes which are then used as propagation material. Although pruning wound protection has been studied in South Africa, no study has investigated pruning wound protection in rootstock mother vines.

The aim of the study will therefore be to select and evaluate various chemical and biological control agents in order to formulate a protocol for local grapevine nurseries, rootstock mother block owners and the Plant Improvement Scheme on effective pruning wound protection of rootstock mother vines in order to manage pruning wound infections and to minimise the risks of spreading trunk pathogens through infected propagation material.

The objectives 1. To select chemical and biological control agents suitable for pruning wound experiments. 2. To determine the duration of pruning wound susceptibility (field trials).
(3) To evaluate selected chemical and biological control agents as wound protectants in rootstock mother vines (field trials)

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