Is Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus in South Africa

Project number
GenUS GP 20-02

Project leader
Pietersen, G

Department of Genetics, Stellenbosch University

Start date

Project description
The purpose of this project is to determine whether Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus occurs in the field in grapevines in South Africa. Grapevine Pinot Gris virus is a newly discovered and apparently widespread, emerging virus internationally. The virus is transmitted by an eriophyid mite that is found in South Africa. The virus has not been reported in South Africa, but also has not been tested for here. If found in field material, researchers wish to determine whether it is already widespread and will develop a reliable diagnostic protocol to detect and identify the virus for local use.
Because it has not been reported in South Africa, it is considered as a quarantine virus locally but, as yet, does not appear on phytosanitary requirements for import of grape material into South Africa. It is possible that the virus already occurs in South Africa. However, if not found, it is important that the Department of Agriculture, Plant Health, be requested to conduct a pest risk assessment of the virus and place it on the list of pathogens required to be tested for, or free of, in imported material.

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