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High-Throughput Evaluation of Novel Grapevine Material for Important Traits

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Project Number
IWBT-P 14-01

Project title
High-throughput evaluation of novel grapevine material for important traits

Project leader
Vivier, M A

University of Stellenbosch. Faculty of AgriSciences. Institute for Wine Biotechnology

Team members
Vivier, M A
Young, P R
Stander, C
Eyeghe-Bickong, H
Premsagar, V

Project description
Several grapevine lines have been developed through breeding programmes i.e. the rootstock breeding programme of the Department of Viticulture and Enology, clonal selection programmes by various industry role players that have not been fully analysed for all their potentially useful characteristics. The aim of this project: is to screen and select potentially valuable grapevine resources in support of current and future aims of the industry, with a specific emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

It is possible to use profiling technologies to evaluate the potential of the plant material quicker and without the need for long-term field experiments by using comprehensive molecular profiling methods. The emphasis would be on genetic, genomic, metabolomics and phenotypic profiling, as well as tissue culture techniques already optimised at the IWBTand DVO, to conduct these tests under laboratory and greenhouse conditions. This project is foreseen to be a collaborative effort with plant resource managers in the industry and is in support of one of the key objectives of the proposed research agenda of the newly established OIV.

The outcome of this approach: to comprehensively profile existing, but unexplored grapevine materials with higher-throughput methods that will support the industry in selecting the most appropriate resources for current and future challenges facing viticultural production.

  1. Selecting and screening of ‘untested or poorly tested’ rootstock material for compatibility or incompatibility with scions, as well as abiotic or biotic stress resistance phenotypes.
  2. Evaluation of disease resistance phenotypes of potentially valuable grapevine material.

Vervalle, J. 2014. Aroma and waxy bloom: Potential for marker assisted selection in the South African table grape breeding programme. Paper presented at the 11th International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics. 28 July – 2 August, Beijing, China.

Vivier, M A, Moyo, M. 2017. Understanding the weaknesses of grapevine defense against pathogens is key to alternative strategies. IN: Proceedings of the Oenoviti Symposium: Processes, oenological practices, packaging: Wine quality evolution and future, consumers’ perception. May 2017, Switzerland.

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