Comparative evaluation of commercially available grapevine fleck virus ELISA kits

Project number:
GenUS GP 19-01

Project leader:
Pietersen, G

Department of Genetics, Stellenbosch University

Start date:

Project description:
The preferred method of virus detection within the Vine Improvement certification scheme is ELISA as this test lends itself well to large-scale virus testing.  Grapevine Fleck Virus antisera have not been produced in South Africa, but various commercially available ELISA kits to the virus exist internationally. Due to the often-unique nature of strains of viruses found in any specific locality, it is important to determine the efficacy of detection of local strains by test systems produced elsewhere. By legislation, this must be done before a test system can be approved by DAFF prior to being implemented locally. We therefore need to evaluate commercially available ELISA kits for their potential use in the Vine Certification Scheme.

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