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Detection and identification of viruses in nuclear material

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Viticulture

Project number:
GenUS GP 20-01

Project leader:
Pietersen, G

Department of Genetics, Stellenbosch University

Start date:

Project description:
Certification schemes worldwide are used to prevent the spread of pathogens via planting material. This is achieved by starting with material of impeccable phytosanitary status, from which thousands of progeny plants are derived. In the one-Vitis certification scheme of South Africa only a few, amongst the many viruses known to infect grapevines globally are tested for in nuclear material. It is unknown whether any of these viruses are present in nuclear plant material and in what incidence they occur. In this project, researchers wish to determine whether nuclear material used within the South African table and wine grape industries are free of viruses and viroids, and if not, to identify those viruses still present in such material as a first step towards eliminating or managing them, in accordance with the fundamental objectives of a certification scheme.

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